NABARD wanted to create a State Of The Art Boardroom and decided to use advanced audio visual technologies to provide an optimal combination of quality, economy and aesthetics.

The Challenge

National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development(NABARD) Mumbai wanted to develop State of the Art AV Boardroom with the use of Advanced audiovisual technologies for their high profile meetings.

In continuation they were looking for Full HD Video Conferencing across NABARD offices, Seamless Presentation, Natural Audio Quality with unilateral DB level across the Boardroom, Fully programmable Microphones with no concern of leaning toward Mics, without any concern of Eco & Feedback and entire system control on Touch Panel with user-friendly application.

The Solution

The Infocomm certified team at Cosmos carefully evaluated the NABARD requirements and build up a solution that could meet and satisfy client wishlist.

The 135” DNP Giant Wide Angle rear projection optical screen with single mirror technology & Panasonic DZ 680 Projector ( 6000 ANSI Lumens, Full HD ) were deployed for quality, equivalent to that of an LCD panel but with no bezel.

Polycom Full HD Videoconference system with 12X Zoom Camera is able to deliver the crystal clear video out.

Arthur Holm FULL HD Professional 17.3”, widescreen format, retractable data monitor with 20 degrees of inclination, integrated into conference room table. The UP/DOWN control buttons are being used for control application.

With regards to the Audio System, two Tannoy QFlex-16 located on both sides of the optical screen. Regarding the selection of the speakers Pankaj says, Tannoy QFlex-16 speakers were selected to deliver the unilateral audio throughout the room using array technology and backend software control. The pleasing stereo audio sound quality of the above speakers is giving the long lasting experience to the client. The boardroom is aesthetically designed and we wanted to have the speakers that wouldn’t drastically impact the look and feel.

Beyerdynamic MCS-D Series digital array microphones with the beamforming Revoluto Technology is used for the push to talk application with the chairman and delegate microphones. The microphone button, clear button are being used based on the speaker whereas the priority button is associated with the chairman microphone gives the full control to Chairman to either allow or mute the user.

Extron Digital Matrix Switcher XTP Crosspoint 1600 supports 4K Resolution, 3D, HDCP Compliant and able to transmit seamless video & audio contents. We wanted to have a user friendly process for the customer, so with the control system in place, we are able to control the entire systems on the Apple IPAD.

The Result

The end-user wanted a state of the art boardroom and we tried to rise to this challenge.

Every aspect of the installation had to be cohesive and meet witht he client’s aesthetic standard.

Our engineers went the extra mile to provide comprehensive control of each and every port while at the same time keeping the output algorithm simplified and user friendly.

The State of the Art Boardroom with future ready advanced audio-visual technologies is able to deliver the unmatched results.

Client Feedback

The system has superb clarity and picture reproduction with seamless transmission and user friendly experience Mr. Ps. Sunil Mohankrishnan ( Assistant General Manager, DPSP Dept, NABARD Bank, Mumbai).