Vibgyor High wanted surveillance Solution for their School spread out at Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore.

In continuation they were looking for 24*7 Monitoring of their School operation, Monitoring of the Offices classrooms, activity rooms within the School premises, perimeter & Gate, Play area, and wanted Cosmos Group to provide a full proof

security solution to safeguard their students from any challenges.

In addition they also wanted to monitor all location remotely at their Corporate office which is situated in Mumbai.

The Professional Services Group at Cosmos carefully evaluated the VIBGYOR team’s requirements and recommended a solution that could meet their needs.

The Solution we designed for surveillance was for 3000 cameras which was spread out at different schools at Mumbai Pune and Bangalore, The cameras shall be locally archived in Main Control Room for 30 days, The NVR/DVR is placed at different location within the school premises. All these DVR’s were then connected to the network so that all cameras can be viewed from a single location by multiple users.

We also provided static IP so that all cameras can be viewed in the corporate office.

  • We Also Implemented Bus Surveillance Solutionfor more than 200 Buses Spread across India
  • All bus are totally secured with 2 cameraswhich is connected to M-DVR which has the function of GPS, Wifi & Storage functionality which helps the school to locate and track the Bus and store recording for 30 days.The seamless Surveillance solution created for VIBGYOR HIGH creates high level security which was well appreciated by the parents and also helped the school’s principal to keep close monitoring in terms of security and any other student related issues.Our engineers went an extra mile working day and night and also ensured that there is no hindrance during the school working hours.